Shhh.. It’s rooftop garden tucked away at Lenox Hill Hospital.  A photo essay


Atop the hospital rooftop garden, Dr. Dara Huang finds beauty in a single pumpkin squash.  Amid the hustle and bustle of the urban city life that surrounds her, Dr Huang absorbs the solitude and peace in the discovering the gourd, symbolic of the unwavering tenacity character of her medical practice, New York Culinary Medicine and its mission to inspire us to live and feel better.
The Edge
Dr. Dara Huang is precariously perched on the ledge of the hospital garden rooftop, reaching for a young pumpkin squash.  In the emerging field of Culinary Medicine, she strives to promote natural ingredients to health and wellness to her patients, shattering the notion that hospital brick walls and concrete pharmaceuticals are the mainstay of good practice medicine.
Sunflower and red peppers
Stretched high above the rest of the hospital rooftop garden, Dr. Dara Huang revels in the endless potential of the sunflower plant. With their soaring stalks and bright yellow petals, sunflowers add more that just aesthetic appeal. From root to leaf, sprout to stalk, sunflowers are an entirely edible plant to make anything from salads to sunflower tea.