“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”― Hippocrates

While I am a practicing Nephrologist, my true passion lies in using food as a medicine.  Besides my own Nephrology and Hypertension private practice, I am creating the consultative services in a new area of medicine:  Culinary Medicine. Having worked as a Sushi chef during medical school, I have the unique experience of being a Chef- Physician for over a decade.  I have seen what small changes in the approach to food one can make to promote good physical and mental wellness.  I educate clients about the relationship between food and medicine is an integral part of my medical practice.

Culinary Medicine is an emerging medical field that encourages patients to use food as a means of controlling illness.  Managing the care of so many of my patients over time who suffer with high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity and chronic kidney disease, I have seen first-hand how food can be used to control some of these issues, keeping patients off prescription medicines.  Medical schools are just now teaching the next generation of doctors the importance of food in health.  However, I’ve been incorporating these concepts into my practice for years. The ultimate goal of the practice is to have patients manage their own health by making better food decisions, thereby eliminating the side effects that come with pharmaceutical drugs.

Culinary Medicine is the principle of controlling disease through food as opposed to relying on prescription medicine.  It is a way to reset your life by learning the skills to approach food relationships better and to individualize goals unique to your personal situation and medical condition.  Culinary Medicine is the way to achieve a healthful life that I wholly embrace.

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