There is a gaping division between physicians lifestyle prescriptions and executing change into patient’s daily lives.  From the food deserts in the South Bronx, to the embarrassment of sugary sweets in every breakfast coffee cart, living and working in New York City presents a unique situation.  The cost of convenience and lack of better food options often outweigh dietary adherence to medical recommendations.  On top of that, the incredible food culture here with the enjoyment of food as not simply a life function, but a centerpiece for social gatherings and work events unfortunately adds the societal pressure to transfer control of what we eat to those to make it for us.

My vision to develop a series of courses to counsel how to build an individualized healthy kitchen based on their medical needs and teaming up chefs has already taken root.  Working alongside Executive chefs around the city, and introducing them to amazing Lenox Hill rooftop garden herbs and edible flowers for their culinary creations has inspired me to bring ideas back to my own patients (and kitchen!) as well.  Together, maybe we can have selected teaching restaurants throughout NYC.

Imagine the day when there are no patients in the hospital.  Instead, doctors are in your kitchen, cooking beside you and personalizing menus to address your health care needs.  Futuristic sci-fi medicine? Think again. It’s happening in a kitchen near you…

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